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GLS Paket Shop shipping guideline

Applicable parcel labels

Parcel sticker

The parcel sticker is availble at the GLS Paket Shops directly. The parcel label serves as an address label and as a receipt. It is important to fill in the parcel sticker legibly in capital letters or mechanically. All requested fields have to be filled in and the receipt has to be signed.


Important information on the parcel label:


  • exact consignee’s data (name and complete address, no post office boxes)
  • telephone number of the consignee, to be able to contact the recipient in case of delivery obstacles
  • consignor address including telephone number
  • weight of the shipment
  • shipping date


Important information on the invoice / receipt:


  • the price for the parcel, calculated by its size
  • signature of the sender and the Paket Shop owner
Paket Shop parcel label and receipt



Parcel sticker "Mini"

A GLS mini parcel sticker has to be used to ensure clear allocation through the barcode. There are two additional labels on the mini parcel sticker. One of these labels is attached to the copy for the customer, the other one to the copy for the Paket Shop owner. This procedure is necessary to ensure tracking and tracing and to assist the customer in the event of queries.

Parcel sticker mini


Size sticker

Depending on the size of the parcel (XS-XL), the corresponding size label has to be attached to the package.

GLS size sticker

Measurement and weight

Belt measurement and weight

The maximum allowed belt measure is 3 meters. It is calculated by 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x longest side.


Therefore the following applies:


  • Max. height = 60 cm
  • Max. width = 80 cm
  • Max. length = 200 cm
  • Max. weight = 31.5 kg
Belt measurement


Excluded from shipment

The shipment exclusions according to the Special Terms and Conditions of Business of GLS Austria for Parcel Shop customers apply, for example for:


  • Inadequate and / or not standardised packaged goods (inner and outer packaging), e.g. desktops, notebooks etc.
  • Parcels, which have a value of more than 550,- Euro or damage of goods might entail high consequential damage (e.g. data carriers)
  • Goods of exceptional value (for example precious metals, money, securities, works of art)
  • Firearms / ammunition as defined according to legislation
  • Perishable goods
  • Mortal remains and live animals
  • Temperature sensitive goods
  • Goods which require in any way particularly careful treatment (because they are e.g. particularly fragile or can only be transported upright or only lying on a certain side)
  • Phone cards and pre-paid cards for mobile telephones
  • Hazardous goods of all types (Chemicals etc)
  • Luggage and bottles are also excluded from transport.
  • Parcels with the following destinations are not accepted: all customs destinations, Andorra, Ceuta, Gibraltar, Melilla, Greece, Malta, Livigno, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco, Büsingen am Hochrhein, all European islands (except German islands, Great Britain and Ireland)

In addition, the following shall be excluded from transportation abroad:


  • tobacco products and liquor
  • personal effects and goods imported or exported with
  • ATA carnet


If parcels are handed over to the Paket Shop which can not be delivered due to their weight (a weight of more than 31,5 kg) or due to other reasons, these parcels will be returned to the Paket Shop. In this case the already paid forwarding expenses will not be reimbursed. Additional costs for the return will not be charged.

Only accurately packaged and addressed parcels with a parcel label can be accepted for shipment. Please click here to view detailed information on correct packaging.

Paket Shop - Facts

  • 600 Paket Shops in Austria
  • GLS Paket Shops in 10 European countries
  • Deliveries to 23 European states

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