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Image Video & Song of General Logistics Systems

A parcel logistics company that opens the world for people every day

The core competence of our logistics company is parcel distribution. You can see how we achieve this on a daily basis by watching our corporate video.


Are you aware of the route your parcel takes? Sending parcels with GLS, you can track & trace your parcel 24 hours, seven days a week. Accompany your parcel along the conveyor belts where it is routed automatically to the respective destination slot for being transferred to its delivery depot or country.


Central security measurements ensure a safe and reliable transport for each and every shipment entrusted to our care. Watch our employees work side by side domestically and internationally, until your shipment is delivered swiftly and intact directly at your consignee’s door.

One Europe, One Power

Music is a language everybody understands and so we decided to transport the GLS lifestyle using our own song throughout Europe.

The Song reflects the daily working life of the GLS team: working in an international environment, supporting each other, building international teams and transferring knowledge whenever and wherever it is needed.

GLS employees from all over Europe were united for the production of the corporate video in Italy in 2004. There you can see them embracing the culture of our parcel logistics company from all over Europe.

Under the pseudonym "Younique“, a neutral version of the GLS Song was published and sold in Germany and Austria.

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