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Shipping Guideline of GLS Spain

In order to make sure that your shipment reaches its destination smoothly, we advise you to carefully read our shipping guidelines. They include information on labels and on the maximum weight and dimensions. Furthermore, the shipping guidelines also inform you about those goods which are excluded from shipping.

Manual Parcel Label

Printing of the manual parcel label

It is important that the manual parcel label is easily readable with capital or block letters or has been printed mechanically.

Please note that registered users to Your-GLS can also print parcel labels online.

Important information on the manual parcel label:

  • Exact consignee’s data (name and complete address, no post office box addresses)
  • Telephone number of the consignee, to be able to contact the recipient in case of delivery obstacles
  • Consignor address including telephone number
  • Short description of the contents
  • Weight of the shipment
  • Shipping date





GLS parcel label

Manual Parcel sticker "Mini"

If you use your own parcel labels or document bags for your dispatch, a GLS mini parcel sticker must be manually attached onto the parcel in addition to your parcel label, to ensure clear allocation through the barcode.

Parcel sticker "Mini"

Online Printing of the parcel label

Alternatively you can print the parcel label online via Your-GLS. We offer 3 different parcel label formats (A4, A5 or A6) which you can alternatively use depending on your needs.


Weight & Dimensions


The maximum allowed belt measure is 3 meters.

It is calculated by 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x longest side.

Therefore the following applies:

  • Max. height = 60 cm
  • Max. width = 80 cm
  • Max. length = 200 cm
Weight & Dimensions for parcels

For our products:


a maximum length of 40 cm is allowed. The parcel has to fit through the GLS Small Parcel triangle.

Weight limits

The following limits have to be respected when sending parcels with GLS:

Please note that we charge a surcharge for the following, non-sortable goods:

  • Any parcels with protruding parts
  • Bags, tires, rolls, fabric rolls, cans, plastic buckets, wooden boxes
  • Parcels that are longer than 1,20 m

Here you can download our guideline for non-sortable goods.


Excluded from shipment

The shipment exclusions according to the General Terms & Conditions of GLS Spain apply, for example for:

  • Insufficiently packed parcels or parcels with a packaging not suited to withstand normal wear (inner and outer packaging)
  • Parcels, with a goods value of more than 5,000- Euro
  • Goods of exceptional value (for example precious metals, money, securities, works of art)
  • Firearms / ammunition as defined according to legislation
  • Perishable goods
  • Mortal remains
  • Living animals
  • Temperature sensitive goods
  • Goods which require in any way particularly careful treatment (because they are e.g. particularly fragile or can only be transported upright or only lying on a certain side)
  • Phone cards and pre-paid cards for mobile telephones
  • Hazardous goods of all types (Chemicals etc.)

Only accurately packaged and addressed parcels with a parcel label can be accepted for shipment. Follow the link to view detailed information on correct packaging.


GLS in Spain

  • 153 delivery vehicles
  • 23 long distance trucks
  • 25depots
  • 2 hubs

Shipping Guideline

Thanks for respecting the Shippping Guidelines

More than 380 mio parcels are transported with GLS each year. You can support the smooth and quick transportation process by respecting the shipping guidelines provided in this web portal. We thank you in advance!

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