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Shipping Guidline

Example manual parcel label

Manual Parcel label

Filling out the parcel label

In case that you are using a manual parcel label for your dispatch, please ensure that the parcel label is easily readable with capital letters and in block letters or printed mechanically.

Please note that registered users to Your-GLS can also print parcel labels online.

Important information to place on the label:

  • First and last name of the consignee
  • Exact address of the consignee
  • Telephone number of the consignee,
  • to be able to contact the recipient in
  • case of delivery obstacles
  • Consignor address including tel.no
  • Short description of the contents
  • Weight of the shipment
  • Shipment date

Example parcel label mini

Parcel Sticker Mini

If for shipment an own address label is used, a GLS mini parcel sticker must be used additionally to ensure clear allocation through the barcode.

Special parcel labels and additional stickers

For these products and services special parcel labels and additional stickers are necessary:

  • Euro Business - Parcel
  • Cash - Service

Further information can be found at the sectio of this webportal dedicated to your GLS country.


Weight Limits

  • Euro Business-Small Parcel: max. 2 kg
  • Euro Business-Parcel: max. 50 kg

GLS girth measurement



The maximum allowed girth is 3 metres.
It is calculated by 2x height + 2x width + 1x longest side.

Therby the following applies:

  • Max. Height = 60 cm
  • Max. Width = 80 cm
  • Max. Length = 200 cm

The Euro Business Small-Parcel can only be 40 cm in length and has to fit through the GLS Small Parcel Triangle.

Excluded From Shipment

The shipment exclusions according to the General Terms and Conditions of each local GLS company apply, for example for:

  • Firearms as defined according to legislation
  • Perishable goods
  • Mortal remains
  • Live animals

Further specific goods not transported by GLS are listed in the General terms and conditions of the respective GLS country.

Shipping Guideline

*To download, please use the right-mouse button and select 'Save target as ...'.